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mowning!!huahua..aku curik2 masa update blog kat libry..uiiishh..senyap2 jep taw..hehehe..sebenarnyerr bnyak assigment..esok ada dua quiz!!hurm..hopefully semua berjalan dengan lancar!!da puas da susun jadual make a date with all my bF..mr.JAVA,mr.MICROP, mr.CCNA1,mr.MATH AND mr.MANDRIN..

doakan tuk aku eah semua!!harap-harap semua baik2 sajeeee...nak share sikit!!meh bace..!

Characteristics to be Successful Student

  1. Successful students attend classes regularly. They are on time. They listen and train themselves to pay attention. If they miss a session, they feel obligated to let the instructor know why before class begins, if possible, and their excuses are legitimate and reasonable. They make sure they get all missed assignments (by contacting the instructor or another student), and understand specifically what was covered in class. Successful students take responsibility for themselves and their actions.
  2. Successful students take advantage of extra credit opportunities when offered. They demonstrate that they care about their grades and are willing to work to improve them. They often do the optional (and frequently challenging) assignments that many students avoid.
  3. Successful students are attentive in class. They don't talk, read, or stare out windows. In other words, they are polite and respectful, even if they get a little bored. They also participate in class even if their attempts are a bit clumsy and difficult. They ask questions that the instructor knows many other students may also have.
  4. Successful students see their instructors before or after class or during office hours about grades, comments on their papers, and upcoming tests. Successful students end up at their instructor's office door at least once during the semester. They'll go out of their way to find the instructor and engage in meaningful conversation. These students demonstrate to the instructor that they are active participants in the learning process and that they take the job of being a student seriously.
  5. Successful students turn in assignments that look neat and sharp. They take the time to produce a final product that looks good, and reflects of a care and pride in their work. Successful students seem driven to complete their assignments. All work and assignments are turned in, even if some of their responses are not brilliant.

thanks bf syg!!en.Google..!saje nk wat pembakar semangat pagi!!

notakaki: hurm..skarang nie nk jd playgirl la..sebab bf da banyak!!
thanks for reading handsome boy and beautiful girl :)


ziema said...

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ziema xpenah wat cmtu hehe.. tu yg xpernah jd successful student :p

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owg pon xdela perfect cam entry nieyh!!ngah try sikit..